Walkers, joggers and hikers enjoy the scenic beauty of the 2.5-mile-long Letort Nature Trail stretching from Letort Park in Carlisle to South Spring Garden Street in South Middleton Township. The flat, eight- to 10-foot-wide trail features an all-weather stone surface and is Americans with Disabilities Act-accessible.

Letort Nature Trail Map


Weekend riders and serious long‐distance cyclists alike enjoy biking along the beautiful Letort Nature Trail. The trail’s flat, all-weather stone surface offers smooth riding from the Borough of Carlisle to South Spring Garden Street.

Letort Nature Trail map


The Letort Spring Run is a Class A Wild Trout Stream that attracts fly fishermen from around the world. Fly fishing pioneer Charles K. Fox, author of “This Wonderful World of Trout,” and others honed their fly-fishing knowledge and inspired generations to test their skills along the banks of the Letort.

Watershed Map


A walk along the Letort Nature Trail rewards you with some beautiful bird sightings – from a Baltimore Oriole to a blue heron. Share your bird sightings along the trail by logging into eBird, a real-time online checklist program.